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The Five-Input module is a robust, full-featured, Ethernet based data acquisition device with five optically-isolated discrete inputs.

The state of the inputs can be monitored over the network using a web-browser, Modbus/TCP, or XML formatted text. Each input can be used as an event counter capable of generating email messages when user-defined alarm conditions are met. In addition, the Five-Input Module can communicate peer-to-peer and trigger ControlByWeb relays located throughout the network.

The Five-Input module is fully configured in minutes using a web browser. No additional software is needed.

Five-Input Module Standard
Model No. Relay Outputs Contact Rating Opto-Inputs Input
*Power Supply
X-DAQ-5I5-5 0 N/A 5 3-12V DC 5V DC
Five-Input Module Industrial
Model No. Relay Outputs Contact Rating Opto-Inputs Input
*Power Supply
X-DAQ-5I5-I 0 N/A 5 3-12V DC 9-28V DC
Five-Input Module Industrial 11-28V Inputs:
Model No. Relay Outputs Contact Rating Opto-Inputs Input
*Power Supply
X-DAQ-5I24-I 0 N/A 5 11-28V DC 9-28V DC
Five-Input Module POE (Power Over Ethernet, connect to 802.3af compliant network)
Model No. Relay Outputs Contact Rating Opto-Inputs Input
*Power Supply
X-DAQ-5I5-E 0 N/A 5 3-12V DC POE or 5V DC

* These devices are sold as components and do not include a power supply.



  • No programming required
  • Built-in web server
  • Configurable input status web page
  • Modbus/TCP support
  • XML formatted status
  • Email alarms
  • Built-in counters
  • Password protected
  • Optically isolated inputs
  • Selectable TCP ports
  • Loss of power flag
  • 14-pin removable terminal connector included
  • Rugged DIN rail or wall-mount Lexan enclosure
  • Two input voltage options:
    • 3-12 VDC
    • 11-28 VDC
  • Three power supply options available:
    • 5 VDC
    • 9-28 VDC
    • Power-over-ethernet (802.3af))
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