Matos Wireless Monitoring System

We are very excited to announce the release of our newest addition to the MATOS brand – MATOS® Wireless Monitoring (MWM) Kit.

The next generation of datalogging is here …. making your Cold Chain Compliance automated and secure with no human interference.

What is the MATOS® Wireless Monitoring (MWM) Solution?
Our newest addition to the MATOS Product range offers our clients access to all the fantastic features of the MATOS® Monitoring system without the need for any specialised configuration or software.
The MWM solution is compatible with any brand of Refrigerator, Freezer, Cool-Room or Airspace immediately and no installation is required!!
An MWM kit includes 1 x wireless sensor tag, an ethernet base station and power supply adapter. The wireless sensor monitors the temperature and transmits these readings back to the ethernet base station which then uploads this data to our MATOS® monitoring website for live temperatures viewing and immediate alarm alerts via SMS and Email.
Each Base Station is able to communicate with up to 40 sensors within a 210m line of sight radius.
The MWM Kit is a plug and play solution, so there is no installation required and NO SOFTWARE needed.
Simply place the Sensor (small tile) inside any Refrigerator, Freezer or Room where you wish to monitor temperature and humidity levels. Once you pull the tag covering the battery, the sensor will automatically start to communicate with the base station!
Our MATOS® Wireless monitoring (MWM) system works in conjunction with our flagship monitoring website,
A small annual fee to take advantage of this technology is chargeable per sensor connected.

So how does the MWM work?
Simply place the sensor tile anywhere inside your Refrigerator / Freezer / Room where you wish to monitor the temperature.
The Sensor will then transmit the temperature data to the Base Station wirelessly.
The Base Station is connected to the Internet using an Ethernet cable and will pick up all transmitted data from the tile and upload it to our MATOS® Monitoring platform (based on the Azure Cloud Server system).
You then have access to your full historical temperature records via any web browser, automatic reporting functionality and SMS/Email alerts using our established MATOS® Monitoring technology.

MATOS® Monitoring (MWM) Features and Benefits:
By utilising our MATOS Technology, your products’ temperature is safely monitored between the required temperatures, generating alerts without delay, therefore saving you money by avoiding costly temperature excursions. Our system of identifying & prioritising temperature alarm conditions ensures less false alarms and a robust alert response ethic.

Our flagship monitoring website enables live temperature viewing from anywhere in world, automatic reporting, and Email & SMS alerting in case of a temperature breach and/or hardware fault (e.g. loss of network connectivity).

The MWM Solution provides the premium MATOS® Monitoring technology in a compact, easy to install solution offering the following features and benefits:
• Fully automatic 24/7 real time temperature and humidity level online monitoring
• Sensors can be mounted straight onto any surface with an easy adhesive strip or hung like a traditional datalogger.
• Infinitely expandable
• Instant user alerts via SMS and Email upon temperature breach
• User Replaceable battery which lasts up to 18 months
• 30 days internal memory
• Cloud storage integrity guaranteed for at least ten years
• Full Audit history on temperature data and alert history (minimum storage of 15 years)
• FCC, NZ & Australian Compliance
• Enjoy the range of MATOS Monitoring Features without an invasive installation
• Powerful yet simple reporting system which is automated to your requirements
• MATOS App for IPhone and Androrid will be released mid 2020
• Compatible with any existing MATOS Monitoring System products
• Up to 40 Wireless Sensors can be connected to a SINGLE Ethernet Base Station Receiver Unit!*
*Effective radio communication distance is 210m line of sight.

Our MATOS® monitoring system comes with full 24/7 service and support phone and email service.

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